The Dialogue of Mozart, Schoenberg and Handel

violin, harpsichord, gamba

A play between the witty Mozart (violin) and the serious, melancholic Schoenberg (gamba). Meanwhile, Handel (harpsichord) attempts to keep everything together.

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Still Point

violin, recorder, voice, gamba, organ

“Time present and time past is perhaps present in time future, and time future in time past” (T.S. Eliot)

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Performed at the Geelvinck Pianoforte Festival 2013 with Ere Lievonen (square piano), Bianca Bongers (cello) and James Hewitt (violin)

Sonatina "La Samba"

violin, cello, piano

Combines the rhythmic vitality of a Brazilian dance tradition with the elegance of Viennese classical sonata. Typical samba rhythms are taken as a starting point, with repeated-note rhythmic figures suggesting the traditional use of the tambourine.

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Selection of  works for string quartet, violin, and choir available from Tutti Music.

Woher Wohin

flute, violin and violone

Where to? the first movement is constantly questioning- with sudden silences, bursts of energy, and circular motives. The second movement, is about breath, space, sonority, anticipation. The last movement suggests a longer journey, and in the use of minor second, two poles- this, or that, there, or then.

Recorded on the CD Woher Wohin, Trio Zeitsprung,

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Mondrian Suite

recorder, piano

Consists of four movements each inspired by a painting by Pierre Mondrian. Each painting suggests a rhythm and counterpoint created by the interaction of line, form and colour, which is transferred to musical interactions and contrasts.

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