Amsterdam Virtuosi

Amsterdam Virtuosi is a programme with lutenist Irene Thomas.
Amsterdam was a centre of musical activity during the 18th century and, along with London, one of the major centres of music publishing.

Dutch composers such as Willem de Fesch and Pieter Hellendael lived in Amsterdam. But Amsterdam also attracted musicians such as the Italian violinist Locatelli, who lived at the Prinsengracht from 1729 for many years.
Although responsible for some of most progressive virtuoso music for the violin of his time, most of his performances at that time were semi public performances in private houses.

Mozart and Paganini did not live in Amsterdam, although  Paganini was influenced a lot by Locatelli, especially by the virtuoso use of the violin in the Capricci. Mozart’s works were already popular at the end of the 18th century, and one can imagine that arrangements for violin and guitar, such as Carulli’s arrangement of Mozart’s quintet, were often played in domestic situations.


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